ss ℹ believe in your galaxy ★彡 mio's trade post



If you have nothing else for me I will ALWAYS gladly take these!
They're always welcome here.

I will accept any and all RM cards there are! Bring me my man ❤

Please also give me my bbys MONSTA X and solo WONHO ❤

And these are all the other idols I will always accept:
❤ Kim Donghan
♡ A.C.E - Wow
♡ Stray Kids - Bang Chan
♡ The Boyz - Hyunjae

❤ RM my love ❤

❤ w to the on to the hoe WONHO ❤

There are currently no cards under this category.

❤ a monbebes dream ❤

♡ donghanie ♡


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