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“There’s nothing wrong with being a little dumb.” - Jung Woo Young

  • name: mio jennifer, jenny
  • pronouns: she/her
  • birthday: 1993/08/26
  • sign: virgo
  • mbti: enfp-a
  • country: germany
  • languages: german, english
  • timezone: utc +2
  • discord: mionbebe
  • email 1:
  • email2:


"Tomorrow exists so you can put off what you can do today." – Kim Sun Woo

  • color: pink, purple, yellow
  • food: pizza, sushi, spicy foods
  • music: kpop, jrock, ndh, dubstep

  • 3d idols: monsta x, wonho, bts, ace, stray kids, the boyz, p1harmony, ateez, zb1, xikers, shinee, oneus, cravity, onlyoneof, jo1, blackpink, itzy, ive, twice, xg, purple kiss, classy, tribe, cherry bullet, kep1er
  • movies: bl, horror, animation, action, superhero
  • tv: thai bl, kdrama, horror, thriller, true crime
  • games: pokemon, digimon, sims, fighting games

  • 2d idols: love live, bang dream, ensemble stars, hypnosis mic, uta no prince-sama, paradox live, idolish7, idolmaster