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“There’s nothing wrong with being a little dumb.” - Jung Woo Young

  • name: mio jennifer, jenny
  • pronouns: she/her
  • birthday: 1993/08/26
  • sign: virgo
  • mbti: enfp-a
  • country: germany
  • languages: german, english
  • timezone: utc +2
  • discord: mionbebe
  • email 1:
  • email2:


"Tomorrow exists so you can put off what you can do today." – Kim Sun Woo

  • color: pink, yellow, purple
  • food: pizza, sushi, spicy foods
  • music: kpop, jpop, jrock, ndh, dubstep

  • 3d idols: monsta x, wonho, bts, ace, ateez, zb1, stray kids, the boyz, p1harmony, xikers, shinee, oneus, cravity, onlyoneof, jo1, ini, itzy, ive, twice, xg, purple kiss, cherry bullet, classy, tribe, le sserafim, kiss of life, mimiirose, blackpink
  • movies: bl, horror, animation, action, superhero
  • tv: thai bl, kdrama, horror, thriller, true crime
  • games: pokemon, digimon, sims, fighting games, baldurs gate 3

  • 2d idols: love live, bang dream, ensemble stars, hypnosis mic, paradox live, uta no prince-sama, idolish7, idolmaster

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